Our course offers are ideal for the intensive learning of the German language in preparation for:

♦ university studies

♦ DSH or telc exams

♦ a career with demand of high-level language skills


Our courses are not integration courses but courses for motivated and ambitious participants who pay for them themselves.


What is different about TASI?

♦ Academy with highly qualified teachers

TASI only employs teachers with the best qualifications. All teachers are native German speakers. (also see >> Our teachers)

♦ Precise objective and constant feedback on proficiency level

Every week we offer short tests, after 4 weeks a mid-term exam, after 8 weeks the final exam.

♦ Systematic procurement of grammar and language structures

We practise grammar very intensively in order for you to feel comfortable with the German language.

♦ Precise and critical analysis of text contents and structures

Not only do we read the texts but we also discuss them in detail.

 ♦ Individual learning advisory service

The teachers are happy to explain what you are proficient at and what needs a little more work.

 ♦ Procurement of cultural backgrounds

Without a background knowledge of culture it is impossible to fully understand texts. That’s why we practise together.

 ♦ Intensive writing practise

Writing is a lot of work, however, this is the only way to learn German.

 ♦ Encouragement for self-study by the medium of homework and research exercises

Homework is extremely important because you can learn a lot by yourself.

 ♦ Cultural and scientific supporting program

We organize trips, guided city tours, get-togethers, seminars and presentations for you.

 ♦ Highly qualified, motivated participants

Most participants at TASI have the goal of studying at university or have professions with high qualification.

 ♦ Transparent criteria for taking exams

We explain exactly what you have to do in order to qualify for the exams.

 ♦ Evaluation according to performance

At TASI grades are not given away but there are objectives grades for good performance.

 ♦ Goal-oriented classes

The lessons help you to reach your goals as quickly as possible. You learn everthing you actually need.

 ♦ Scientific frame-research

Internal and external experts advise us so that we can always offer the best classes for you.


We work together with many regional educational institutions so that we can quickly and competently support you. Personal advice goes without saying for us. We want you to reach your goals in the best way!

Trier is an open-minded university city in the South-West of Germany in the heart of Europe. Here you find cultural and lingual diversity, numerous Roman landmarks and above all the closeness to Luxemburg, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. We help you see the big advantages of this region because we want you to be able to do your own thing and feel comfortable here.

If you have special interests, don’t hesitate to talk to us or write an e-mail.



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